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External Window Blinds – Sun Screens

Generally we all look forward to the summer hoping that we are due hot weather with consistent sunshine.  We do tend to forget how uncomfortable the hot weather can make our homes.

Exterior Sun Blinds can offer your home protection from the sun without blocking out the light or even the view from the outside world. There are several choices when it comes to external sun blinds, whether it is window sun blinds, patio blinds or conservatory blinds.

Sun Screens

Sun Screens are an exterior sun blind that when retracted lives in a small cassette of about 3 inches fitted externally, above your window. When the sun gets too bright or the heat too intense then you simply press a button and the exterior sun screen lowers itself outside of your win Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Protection – Sun Awnings

Here in the UK today the sun is shining. Yesterday the sun was out for most of the day. It still feels a little cold when it clouds over but with the sun out it really feels like summer is well on the way.

Even the media are now saying that the forecast for this summer is looking really good so if they are correct, the UK could get a nice long hot decent summer which will lift everyone’s spirits

As I sat out in the sun yesterday I could feel myself burning. This is a real danger to everyone, especially us with fairer skin. Sun protection is a must in this weather as it will not take long to get burned and the implications later in life can have serious effects.

Sun Awnings can offer this type of sun protection by Read the rest of this entry »