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Patio Awnings

Here in the UK over the last few days we have been blessed with some lovely sun shine. In fact, it is quite amusing how many peopleĀ  I have heard complaining about the heat! Especially after we have had so many poor summers over the last few years!

It is uncommon to have such heat so early in the year but hopefully this is a sign that a good summer is at last on its way to us!

Sitting in the sun makes you realise its immense power and how important it should be to keep yourself and your children out of the sun for any length period of time. With the sun so high in the sky at this time of year it is often the case that dun damage can be caused right up to 8 in the evening! Something that doesn’t really happen towards the end of July to August when we usually see the hottest weather.

As you know, I am a strong believer in the use of Patio Awnings. Patio Awnings are a great way to instantly provide an area of shade that can used to sit under or allow children to play under. More important than shade is the fact that quality Patio Awnings will offer a high level of UV protection, cutting out the majority of the harmful rays of the sun.

Patio Awnings are really an ideal solution as, at the press of a button the Awning will extend. When it is no longer required, the retractable sun awning will close back into a neat and tidy cassette which you would hardly notice is there.

If your patio gets the sun for the majority of the day you can quickly find that your house heats up to uncomfortable levels. There are solutions to this problem such as the use of exterior sun screens, or the new zip screens. However, often just extending your Patio Awning will keep your room cool as well allow you to look outside without being blinded by the sun!

There are many varieties of Patio Awnings out the market at the moment. Some are really cheap but do not expect these cheap models to last long and be very careful as lower quality fabrics may offer shade but sometimes do not offer very good UV resistance so the chances of getting burnt are still likely!

As the weather is now meant to get cooler for the coming days we should all keep our fingers crossed that this mini heat wave is a sign that summer is going to be good this year!

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