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Security Shutters, Blinds & Garage Doors

I have previously talked about Roller Garage Doors and what a convenience they can bring to your life. In addition to the convenience, a Roller Garage Door can provide some of the highest security for your garage – creating an almost impenetrable barrier when closed.

Employing almost identical techniques this same level of security can now be added to windows and doors in you home offering you personal security when you are at home and peace of mind when you are out.

Security Shutters are roller blinds that roll up in the same way as the Roller Garage Doors. The only main difference is that the Security Shutters tend to be made of a smaller height slat. Generally a Roller Garage Door slat will have a height of 77mm where as a Security Shutter slat will only be 38mm in height. This allows Security Shutters to roll into much tighter roller casing to allow them to blend with your home and look almost unnoticeable when retracted.

Whilst the majority of Security Shutters are fitted on the outside of your property, the whole device can be spun round to be situated internally. The only negative here is that you lose the protection of your glass within your window though your property remains secure.

Security Shutters can be operated in many ways. Popular methods these days are for the Security Shutters to be motorised allowing Security Shuttersconvenience of use. using this technique you could operate a whole house full of Security Shutters just by the click of one button.

Manual Security Shutters are available that utilise a belt mechanism on the inside of the your home that you can lower and raise the Shutter without you having to venture outside.

Whilst the Security Shutters offer maximum security one of the great benefits of having them installed to your property is the fact they act as a huge deterrent for any wannabe intruder.  Why would they attempt to break in when there is security in place when they can move on to the next property that is much easier to access.

On top of the security aspect, Security Shutters, and their foam filled aluminium slats, offer great insulation for your home against both the cold winters and the hot summers. In addition to this they act a great noise barrier – stop outside noises getting in, stop internal noises getting out!

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