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Patio Awnings

At the time of writing we are experiencing a pretty cold winter. Some of the weather conditions have ground the UK to a stop. It is hardly the time that people are thinking of Patio Awnings.

Now we are getting to the end of the worst of the weather, when the sun is shining you can once again begin to feel it’s warmth and it immediately makes you look towards the summer in the hope that this year, we will get a good one. Cold winters should equal warm summers. Also the laws of probability should state that due to the number of poor summers we have experienced we should be on for a hot one at last!

Patio Awnings are an ideal extension to your home and, whilst they are intended as a summer product, you will find uses for them all year round. The obvious use is for sun protection which is coming to the forefront of more people’s minds with the known damage the rays of the sun can cause. This is why it is important to ensure that you purchase a quality Patio Awning fabric for your product that offers UV protection.

The Patio Awning market is flooded now with substandard products that are imported and sold as cheap as possible. Unfortunately this results in substandard materials being used including fabric that does not protect as well against the UV rays of the sun and also is prone to rot and corrosion.

Buying a quality Patio Awning will ensure that the product remains in good working order and looking as good as new for many years. Whilst the initial investment may be larger, you will save yourself and big headache for the future as well as actually adding value to your home.

If you are considering buying a Patio Awning then you need to look for a frame manufactured from aluminium which is strong and durable and rust free. As previously discussed you need to ensure that your fabric has UV protection and will not be likely to rot. If you intend to use your Patio Awning in light showers you need to ensure that it has the necessary water proofing protection.

There are many variations of Patio Awnings to choose from. Fully cassetted Patio Awnings are both aesthetically the most pleasing whilst giving your Awning the most protection from the weather conditions. Semi cassetted awnings are often slightly cheaper but still give good protection from the weather.

Before buying your Patio Awning or committing any money for a deposit ensure you seek advice from an expert and then look forward to enjoying many years under your Patio Awning.

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  • Blogger, do you have an awning? If so what brand do you use? I remember seeing these things advertised on infomercials years ago and thinking they were dumb, but as i’ve been forced inside by light rain several times and scorching hot on my porch, they make more and more sense.