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The Glass Veranda

As the winter draws to a close we can look forward to the warmer weather once again and get back to outdoor living.

One of the more popular home improvement products of this year will be the Veranda.

Glass Verandas are starting to appear more and more now as companies realise that out doors living, which is enjoyed by the masses, is very hard in the UK’s unpredictable, unstable climate. The Glass Veranda, as well as being an attractive addition to your home, services it purpose by offering you shelter from the elements allowing you to remain outside no matter what the weather.

Glass Verandas come in many shapes and sizes. Some companies offer a bespoke Veranda manufacturing service where a Veranda will be designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. The most popular choices on the market at the moment are the traditional or Victorian style Verandas, or the more contemporary looking products.

As well as the Glass Veranda, other designs of patio roofs are becoming available that use polycarbonate roofs. These can offer cheaper costings as well as more options when it comes to tints and alternative colours and designs.

It is easy to make your Veranda a regularly used additional living space to your home. With the option of awnings on the roof, heaters, lighting and even sliding doors, your Veranda will allow you to be outside when you want whatever the weather.

With newer technology outdoor heating has become extremely effective both in terms of functionality as well as cost. With infra red heating the air is not heated at all so even if it is slightly windy, you remain warm. With standard infra red heater you can expect an electricity bill of only 20 pence per hour which, for outdoor heating, is really inexpensive.

Verandas can vary in cost dramatically depending on size, design and customisation. Realistically you need to be prepared to spend several thousand pounds on a Veranda, however you can view this as an investment as it will often add significant value to your home as well as being a huge benefit to your lifestyle.

4 Responses to “The Glass Veranda”

  • No signs of our winter slowing. We just got 12-16 inches dumped on us. I live in West Virginia, USA. Hoping to see sunshine soon, but all I get when I look out are piles of snow and icicles.

  • Blogger:

    Yes I can sympathise with you! Here in the UK we are simply not used to snow! It literally brings the whole country to a standstill!

  • It’s also been snowy here in Paris in France. We have had snow like 4 times this winter, which we normally do not. I hope i’ll be able to use my veranda very soon and that the warmth of spring will heat it up!

  • I always wanted a veranda. Not necessarily the glass one, for as long as I have a reliable, long lasting veranda. Its good to wake up, take a stretch on the veranda while inhaling the fresh air. Simply is awesome!