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Victorian Verandas

A Veranda or Patio Roof can provide a practical shelter for you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. There are now many choices of Verandas on the marketplace ranging from contemporary to more traditional Veranda styles.

As well as the practical use of the Veranda, the pleasing aesthetic benefits can be significant. This is especially so of the more tradition Victorian styled Verandas.

Victorian Verandas are usually manufactured to suit your requirements and they generally have a glass roof though some do choose to utlise polycarbonate sheets as an alternative. The frame is generally made from aluminium or steel though aluminium Verandas are the metal of choice due to the fact that it will not rust so remains looking good for many years.

The main distinguishing factor of the Victorian Verandas is the columns that support the lean to roof. Usually the columns are spaced approximately 3m apart and take the style of an old Victorian lamp post. At the top of the posts you will often fit quarter arches or lattice work that joins the post to the supporting eaves beam.

If you have an older property your new Victorian Veranda will look as though it has been part of your property for many years. It is also possible to have your Veranda powder coated in any given colour to ensure that it blends perfectly.

Creating an outdoor sheltered area can offer many benefits to your property. In 99% of cases planning permission will not be required and immediately you will have added significant value to your home. A little bit of rain will not stop you enjoying dining outdoors and with the addition of some of the more common Conservatory Roof blinds you can install to the roof, you can even remain cool when under your Veranda the intense heat of mid summer.

Victorian Verandas do vary a lot in price depending on the size of the structure and what is involved to achieve your requirements. The materials used also play a large part in the costs. If you are looking for a quality Victorian Veranda using glass for the roof and aluminium for the structure, companies will often visit your home to prove a free, no obligation quotation so you can have a true indication of how much it will cost.

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