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Sun Blinds for Home and Gardens

The Sun is currently shining in the UK and people are getting outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. What we tend to forget during the winter months is how powerful the heat from the sun really is and how important it is to keep ourselves shaded. In addition to this, getting home to a hot stuffy house is rarely a nice experience.

By using the correct shading systems you can enjoy outdoors and keep your home cool even on the hottest of days.

Awning for home

Awnings are a great type of shading system as they offer shade to sit under as well as room shade. They are easily extended or retracted at the push of a button and can be fully automated. A high quality Awning will offer excellent protection for the harmful UV rays of the sun and often extremely large outdoor areas can be protected.

Awnings will stay looking pristine as when not in use, they retrace back into an aluminium casing that protects the fabric and the mechanism for the harsher weather conditions.

Window Canopies.

These are similar to the Sun Awnings, however their primary aim is to stop the sun from getting into a window and are rarely suitable for sitting under outdoors. Sun Canopies are generally drop arm awnings or Dutch canopies and they cover usually around 50% of the window. This allows you to still see outdoors and enjoy the view whilst blocking the majority of the sun.

Again these retractable Sun Canopies can be fully automated to work when you are not at home, keeping your home cool and your furniture protected from the damaging rays of the Sun.

Sun Screens

These are a type of external roller blind. They cover the window completely and offer protection from the sun whilst not blocking the light. Often you are able to see right through the fabric so your view is not ruined. The special type of fabric reflects heat before it even hits the window glass thus keeping temperatures really low. Of course carpets and furnishings are protected as well.

Sun Screens can often withstand stronger winds that Sun Awnings or canopies. This makes them the ideal solution for full automation, keeping your home cool when you are not at home.

Zip Sun Screens offer the added benefit of zipping up at the sides. This allows you to bring the screen down, open the window or door and let a nice cool breeze come in, without the heat and without unwanted insects getting into your home as well!

Conservatory Roof Blinds

These are designed to block the heat before it even gets into your conservatory. Conservatory Roof Blinds use the same fabric as the Sun Screens and reflect heat but still allow in the light.

Often people who own conservatories have found that they simply could not go into their conservatory even on a mildly warm day as it was simply too hot. The Conservatory Roof Blind allows you to use your conservatory even on the hottest of days.

Again, Conservatory Roof Blinds can be fully automated using a sun and wind sensor to ensure that your room stays cool even when you are out.

Often these products can be expensive to buy, however the changes to your lifestyle can be well worth the investment and often these products will add significant value to your property if you decide to sell it.

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  • There is no finer improvement you can make to your home than to install a conservatory with a glass roof, but when you buy one, don’t forget to budget for the cost of a nice set of conservatory roof blinds.