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Garden Shelters – Creating an Outdoor Room

At this time of year, now Christmas is out of the way, and we have passed the shortest day of the year, people begin to once again look forward to the warmer weather to get outdoors and experience outdoor living once again.

It is especially true here in the UK as for the last couple of years we have had very cold drawn out winters. Whilst our winters do not compare to some other countries, it is certainly not something that we are not used to.

The problem with the great British weather is how unpredictable it can be. We hope that moving into spring the number of warmer days significantly outweighs the number of days that are cloudy or raining. Unfortuantely this optimism can often lead to disappointment.

One of the newer home improvement products can allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather moves against you. This is the Patio Roof, Garden Shelter or Veranda that is becoming more and more popular within the UK marketplace.

Essentially the Veranda is a lean to roof that extends from the wall of your property and sits on two or more columns at the front. The patio roof is usually glass or polycarbonate that has no sides and no front. It can be manufactured in almost all sizes to fit with your requirements.

The obvious benefit of this kind of garden roof is that you have an area of shelter to sit under no matter what the weather is doing.

One of the great things about the Veranda is that you can then modify things further to really get the maximum out of your new shelter. One of the best accessories is an outdoor heater.

Outdoor heaters use new technology that does not heat the air which makes for a very cost effective and efficient method of heating outdoors. These heaters mount onto the wall or the roof of your Veranda and they can be operated either via a remote control or a fixed switch. With the addition of an outdoor heater you can enjoy your outdoor area long into the summer nights. It will also allow you to get outside much earlier in the year without feeling cold.

Another great addition that you can consider with your Veranda is to get zip screens which can enclose the sides, the front of both.

Zip screens are a new product to hit the UK. They allow light to get through though block the heat and also a lot of the wind. They come in a variety of colours to blend with your property. As their names suggests, zip screens has a zip down either side that binds the fabric to the guide channel. This means there are no gaps which not only makes a great barrier for the wind but also stops unwelcome insects from coming in.

If you find that on a hot summers day your veranda becomes too hot to sit under then you can consider using a blind that is commonly found on the roof of conservatories. This blocks any heat before it hits your roof. Again, like the Zip screens, this blocks heat but not the light. It also reduces glare. In the summer months you can sit in a cool outdoor environment with no concerns about the heat, the wind or the rain!

Verandas or Patio shelters do not generally require planning permission unless you live in a conservation area or in a listed building. It is always wise to check this out with your planning office prior to proceeding with any order. The Verandas are designed as a permanent structure and their aluminium framework will give many many years of trouble free use. That being said, if you decide to sell your home and the prospective buyer doesn’t like the veranda, it is easy to remove with no damage to your property!

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