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Garden Shelters

Getting outdoors is great for everyone but often the weather can stop us from really enjoying ourselves. Here is where a garden shelter can create the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

Primarily garden shelters provide shelter from either the sun or rain. Most shelters will do both. Patio Awning are really good garden shelters as you can choose to have them out when you need them and put them away into a nice and tidy cassette when you no longer require it. This is all done at the press of a button so it makes things really easy.

Patio Awnings are generally designed for providing shelter from the sun however they can be also used in light rain. Generally the angle of the awning should be greater than 14 degrees which will allow the water to effectively run off the Awning. This stops water pooling on the fabric which will lead to damage. You can use you Awning with less pitch than this, however you will need to be even more vigilant to stop water pooling.

Of course, Awnings are the best at sun protection as, using a quality Awning, the fabric will have UV protective properties so, as well as blocking the glare and heat from the sun, you will also be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Patio Awnings are limited when you want to be outdoors in heavier rain or if it is too windy. In the circumstances your Awning would have to be retracted.

An alternative to the Patio Awning is the Veranda or Patio Roof. These are permanent structures that consist of a roof that is mounted onto two columns. The Patio Roof can be made from either glass or polycarbonate and it will give you all year round garden shelter. Verandas can be combined with a special type of Awning, generally used for exterior conservatory roofs, which will also offer you sun protection when needed. You can also combine screens around the side of the veranda, enclosing part or all of the open sides. Screens of this nature are designed for keeping the sun out without cutting the light however, using the Zip screens that are becoming more and more popular, will also stop virtually any wind from interfering with your outdoor living!

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