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Enjoying a Patio Awning

Now that the Christmas period is well and truly behind us, we can now all look forward to the nicer weather arriving.

Now is the ideal time to consider purchasing a Patio Awning and having it installed in good time for the sunny spring weather.

A Patio Awning has many functions. It looks smart and protects you and your furnishings from the UV rays of the sun. It keeps the glare out of your room and provides an area of shelter to sit under if you are outdoors.

Whilst the Awning is not in use, it resides within a discreet cassette on the wall. Not only does this blend with your property, it also keeps the fabric and mechanism protected from the elements. When extended your Awning will always look brand new.

There are many Patio Awning on the market and the quality varies dramatically. To keep the Awning protected as well as possible you should look for a full cassette model. Certain semi cassette models can give a good level of protection also.

You ideally want to have aluminium for the frame as this is maintenance free and will last many years. The arms should be able to withstand at least wind class two. The fabric should be a treated polyester or acrylic from a well known brand. This will give you maximum UV protection as well as ensuring that the canvas is protect from rot and mildew as well as holding its colour for many years to come.

When looking at which size to choose, it is wise to go larger than you need which will give you better coverage during the spring and autumn months where the sun is lowest in the sky. Bear in mind that sun will cove in from the sides as well so it is important to go as wide as possible.

There are many Awning companies that will offer you a bespoke manufacturing service which will allow you to get an Awning to fit the exact space that you need.

Ensuring that you have a decent pitch on your Awning will allow you to use it in light rain. Certainly in the UK this is a really great function and can allow you to remain outdoors even when the weather turns against you. It is usually recommended that you opt for a pitch of at least 14 degrees for use in light showers.



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