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Summer? What is that?

Previously I have been talking about sun awnings and their applications in the home and business.

Usually the summer time is the time everyone buys their sun awning as they get annoyed with the constant glare of the sun or want to enjoy the outside world without the sun beating on them, well not this year it would appear – certainly not for us in the UK anyhow!

Summer doesn’t seem to happen for us any more. I look out the window and the weather is miserable. not only is it raining and cloudy it seems windy as well which isn’t ideal for a sun awning. I cannot think of a reason why anyone would want to be outside in this weather even under the shelter of a sun awning.

I would imagine this has had an impact of the companies who sell these products this year. After all no one is likely to think “look at that miserable weather, I must get a sun awning *in case* it’s sunny again” – I feel sorry for these guys selling and manufacturing sun awnings as sales must be down a lot especially with the media hyped “credit crunch” going on.

So my advice now, if you were hoping to get a sun awning at some point, no or in the future –  now actaully might be the best time. Companies really need the business and therefore prices are incredibly competitive compared to last year and even more so than the year before. Think ahead – next year we may have more than one week of sun ! I hope!

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