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Glass Verandas

A new home improvement product that is showing itself on today’s market is the Glass Veranda. Glass verandas (and also can be spelled  glass verandahs) provide an attractive and practical addition to your home.

Glass verandas, sometimes known as glass atriums are a great way of enjoying being outside whist having protection from the great British weather. Not only can your glass veranda provide you with shelter from the rain but you can also install awnings or exterior conservatory blinds on top to give you protection from both the sun and the rain.

As talked about in previous posts here, many people buy sun awnings for rain protection. Often this leads to awnings breaking under the weight of the water storing on them. By erecting a solid glass veranda you will not have this worry again.

The downside of having a glass veranda installed is the cost. You really would be looking at spending a minimum of £8000 even for the smallest of glass verandas. With sizes spanning many many metres the prices could escalate up to £20,000. Having said that, trials have shown that installing a glass veranda will add value to your property, perhaps not right away with the current financial climate, though why not relax and enjoy your glass veranda and cash in on your investment when the markets begin to settle.

Think of those summer barbecues where  everything is brought to a halt when it starts raining. Think of that garden furniture that you just don’t want to leave outside due to weather – all this can be resolved by these attractive glass verandas.

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14 Responses to “Glass Verandas”

  • I have seen a couple of the glass verandas installed and I must say I have been very impressed with how much they make a difference to your home.

    The great thing is the shelter you get from them. I have seen people sitting eating their breakfast whilst its pouring with rain. Under the comfort of the veranda they are totally sheltered.

    I think the glass verandas are a really great home improvement product even if they are a little pricey.

  • I really love glass atriums, they are so beautiful when you choose the appropriate styles, for your home. Our’s isnt too fancy, I mean its small, but unfortunately 2 years ago, one of the neighbors decided to play baseball in their back yard, and one of the balls, hit the glass, and it thankfully I wasn’t near by it at the time, ie: the glass didn’t strike me. Maybe I should have made the kid pay! hehehe

    Jeans last blog post..Sausage and Cheese Roll

  • They look great can also enjoy the garden whatever the weather!

  • I agree to that, innovations can make a lot of difference from there.

  • The features of the Glass Varenda sound appealing when you will not have the rain stop you from your favorite semi-outdoor activities… But I was wondering what would someone do in order to keep it clean! wouldn’t that be a hectic job on a daily basis!

  • I have seen glass verandas on my Sister In Laws house and I was really impressed. They really look great.

  • I really enjoy sitting in verandas when it’s raining out. That way you stay dry but can still watch the rain come down.

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  • I think that Glass Veranda look great and they are perfect for any garden. Especially as you can remain outside in the garden whatever the weather.

  • An elegant glass verandas add living space to your home and touch of all weather alfresco luxury to your life style.

  • Those glass verandas look pretty, but will the hold up to the almighty gazebos of wood

  • I agree the Glass Verandas are very appealing to the eye,but just how efficient are they? Seems that on a hot sunny day the sheltered area would get a little too warm for comfort. Also, I would think your lawn furniture would fade extremely through all that glass.
    My thoughts are based on facts that’s happened in my home with just a few windows and a shingled roof to obstruct the suns rays.

  • Craig M:

    We had a quote for one last week i could not believe the cost of it i was expceting somewhere in the region of £15000 but the quote is going to be somewhere in the region of £31000 this is for a bespoke glass veranda to match the same shape as our decking about 9 meters wide and 6 meters deep at the deepest point. Does this sound about right

  • Blogger:

    Could well be right. 6m projection is a lot of glass!