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Benefits of a Glass Veranda

Glass Verandas have been around for several years though it is only now, with fresh designs that they are being utlised as a home improvement product.

Certainly here in the UK a Glass Veranda is an excellent product for those who love to enjoy their garden, even in the inconsistent British weather.

As with anything, as technology improves, more can be achieved with products and this is certainly true of the Glass Veranda – rather than considering the glass veranda to be just a glass shelter above you, it can now be considered more like an additional room in your home. This is thanks to the use of halogen heater lamps that keep you warm outside even when the weather lets us down.

In addition to the halogen heaters a Sun Awning can be installed over the roof of the Glass Veranda to provide shade in the summer months – (assuming of course we have a summer here in the UK again!) . The glass veranda then achieves something no other product can achieve

  • Glass Verandas provide protection from the rain all year around
  • A Glass Veranda provides protection from the sun all year round
  • Glass Verandas provide protection from the cold all year round
  • A Glass Veranda gives you the ability to sit outside all year round

The Glass Veranda has other uses besides purely a home improvement product. Commercial premises such as pubs and restaurants can at last create a permanent outdoor shelter to utilise their outside space all year round – this is fantastic news for the smokers who have to suffer harsh weather conditions for their habit now. Not only for smokers – imagine being able to dine outside under a glass canopy, soaking in nature but without getting cold or wet or too hot!

The only negative about the Glass Veranda is it’s initial cost – they generally seem to be rather on the expensive side. However if you take into account the benefits, the cost can quickly be offset. Not only this, a Glass Veranda is a permanent structure and therefore improves your overall property value.

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