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Vertico Garage Doors

There are very few people who would not enjoy the convenience of an automatic garage door. The primary benefit is clear – the automation! No longer would you have to get out of your car and lift up a door manually!

There are other significant advantages to owning an automatic garage doors such as increased security both for you home and on a personal level. You will not longer have to leave you car on those dark nights and generally, after you press your remote control to open your garage door, courtesy lights will light up to allow you to see exactly what you are doing.

In most circumstance automatic garage doors can be installed with no problem. On occasions where there is limited headroom in your garage there may not be enough room to install the box that holds the roller mechanism. In these circumstances the box can come down into the opening though this may not be suitable when you need to get the maximum opening height for your garage.

One of the newer types of automatic garage doors do overcome this issue an they are known as Vertico doors due to the way the slats sit. Rather than running up and down the slats sit up vertically and the door slides to the side. You need to have a garage that is deep enough to accommodate the full opening width of the door plus the motor.

The great advantage of these sliding doors is the fact that the headroom required is so minimal allowing you to make the most of your full opening width.

Vertico Garage Doors

The Vertico door runs on tracks both on the floor and the ceiling. If you have a power cut or if for any reason the motor does fail then you can quickly disengage the motor allowing you to manually open or close the door. The door is designed in such a way that even the lightest of presses will allow you to push the door in these circumstances.

The Vertico garage door is stylish in its appearance and it stands out as being unique in the garage door market place due to the way the slats look when standing vertically. If you are looking for a practical automatic garage door solution as well as a stylish one then the Vertico garage door may be the right choice for you!

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