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Enjoying a Patio Awning

Now that the Christmas period is well and truly behind us, we can now all look forward to the nicer weather arriving.

Now is the ideal time to consider purchasing a Patio Awning and having it installed in good time for the sunny spring weather.

A Patio Awning has many functions. It looks smart and protects you and your furnishings from the UV rays of the sun. It keeps the glare out of your room and provides an area of shelter to sit under if you are outdoors. Read the rest of this entry »

DIY Verandas

The Veranda market is ever growing in the UK. There are now more and more Veranda types to choose from depending on your requirements and, of course, your budget.

Verandas have mainly been made from a metal (usually aluminium) frame and a glass roof though polycarbonate is becoming more popular thanks to the ease it can be transported and the various options that are available.

Polycarbonate sheeting is far lighter in weight than glass though it is not completely transparent due to the channels than run between the layers.

The benefits of choosing polycarbonate is that the light weight allows for much larger Verandas to be erected using the same frame or a much smaller and neater frame being used in the first place. Verandas can generally use either clear, tinted or opal polycarbonate.  Clear will allow the most light through, tinted gives you some degree of shade and opal is the equivalent of using frosted or obscure glass – great for privacy.

Being that polycarbonate verandas are simpler to transport and erect, it is possible to even buy  DIY Verandas for you to install yourself. If you have flat wall Read the rest of this entry »

Sun & Rain Awnings

Once again in the UK the summer has not been the greatest. We have a couple of days of sun but then several days of cloud and rain. This can make things difficult for those who enjoy outdoor living.

Previously we have discussed about the use of Verandas and how they can provide an excellent garden shelter. There is now an alternative to this in the form of Sun & Rain Awnings.

The Sun & Rain Awning is a cross between a Veranda and a standard Patio Awning.  It consists of a cassette that is mounted to the wall and a slimline frame that is supported at the front edge by two posts. Read the rest of this entry »

One Home Improvement that pays you back


Could solar panels be the best investment you make in your home this year?

Government guarantee schemes and increasing electricity bills make solar panels a compelling solution for the smart homeowner.

But what is solar power anyway?

Solar power uses photovoltaic (PV) cells on the roof of your house to convert light from the sun into electrical energy which can be used in your house, or fed back into the national gri Read the rest of this entry »

Can You Use Awnings In The Rain?

So far this year we have had some fairly inconsistent weather. One moment it is glorious sunshine, then all too quickly it is raining. This can make enjoying the outdoors quite difficult!

There are many reasons why people would choose to have Awnings installed to their homes. Of course, the primary motive for an Awning would be to provide shade and protection from the sun.  Awnings do a great job of this. They can extend your home at the press of a button giving excellent UV protection as well as a cool retreat when then sun does come out! Awnings will also keep your home cool and furnishings protected from fading with the rays of the sun.

With all this inconsistent weather a lot of people are buying Awnings to use, not only for sun protection, but also for sheltering from the rain. Is this a wise choice?

A good quality Awning will provide shelter from the rain, the fabric, whilst not necessarily being waterproof, will not let water penetrate it unless there is a significant amount of water pooling on the fabric. If you were to let water pool on your fabric to this degree it would break the Awning! Read the rest of this entry »

Garden Shelters

Getting outdoors is great for everyone but often the weather can stop us from really enjoying ourselves. Here is where a garden shelter can create the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

Primarily garden shelters provide shelter from either the sun or rain. Most shelters will do both. Patio Awning are really good garden shelters as you can choose to have them out when you need them and put them away into a nice and tidy cassette when you no longer require it. This is all done at the press of a button so it makes things really easy.

Patio Awnings are generally designed for providing shelter from the sun however they can be also used in light rain. Generally the angle of the awning should be greater than 14 degrees which will allow the water to effectively run off the Awning. This stops water pooling on the fabric which will lead to damage. You can use you Awning with less pitch than this, however you will need to be even more vigilant to stop water pooling. Read the rest of this entry »

Protect Your Home With Sun Awnings

Spring is in the air here in the UK. Finally the air feels warmer, the sun seems brighter and it is staying light later! Let us all hope for a good summer this year!

Now is a good time for you to start considering a purchase of a Sun Awning. Usually a custom made Sun Awning will take some weeks to manufacture, depending on the company that you use. The longer you leave it, the less likely you will have it during the busy summer months.

Sun Awnings are a great way to extend your home with the minimum of fuss and hassle. When the Awning is not in use it resides in a compact aluminium casing that can be quite discreet, depending on your frame colour choice. At the press of a button the Awning will extend giving a large area of shade and protection for the rays of the Sun.

Choosing a high quality Awning will not only guarantee that your Awning remains trouble free for many years, using high quality fabrics also give the best UV protection. Read the rest of this entry »

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Garden Shelters – Creating an Outdoor Room

At this time of year, now Christmas is out of the way, and we have passed the shortest day of the year, people begin to once again look forward to the warmer weather to get outdoors and experience outdoor living once again.

It is especially true here in the UK as for the last couple of years we have had very cold drawn out winters. Whilst our winters do not compare to some other countries, it is certainly not something that we are not used to.

The problem with the great British weather is how unpredictable it can be. We hope that moving into spring the number of warmer days significantly outweighs the number of days that are cloudy or raining. Unfortuantely this optimism can often lead to disappointment.

One of the newer home improvement products can allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather moves against you. This is the Patio Roof, Garden Shelter or Veranda that is becoming more and more popular within the UK marketplace. Read the rest of this entry »

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters have been around in the UK marketplace for many years. Thanks to an increase in colours and styles as well as newer tubular motor technology Roller Shutters have become even more appealing.

The primary reason that people would require Roller Shutters for their homes is for Security. Security Shutters are found in many places including over closed shops and other commercial premise. You will also find Roller Shutters over bars and restaurants that have closed.

If you are keen to protect your home using something similar these industrial Security Shutters may not provide the best solution.  They are big, bulky and extremely heavy. Their concern is not with the design and hope well it blends but just security.

Residential Roller Shutters are different in the fact that the design is such that they are extremely practical, offer security and also style. These Roller Shutters are designed to fit over windows or doors of varying sizes so the Roller Shutter Boxes vary in size also keeping the size of the box to a minimum for aestheti Read the rest of this entry »