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Nintendo Wii – First Thoughts

I’m not much of a gamer myself but I am partial to a bit of Guitar Hero on the Xbox 360 and own a Nintendo DS. I was quite happy with leaving my gaming at this.

I heard about the Nintendo Wii and was curious to see it in action. The other night I pooped round a friends house and saw someone playing bowling. It looked like a great novelty so after very little persuasion I decided I simply must have one to play on myself.


Here is the first negative. I started at my local blockbuster video store where I knew they sold it. I was told that there was no stock and there was no expected date. I thought this was fair enough as they are only a small store. Off I went to PC world – I hate this store. You can never get anyone to help you in there. After standing around for a while I decided to queue at the checkout and ask the operator there. No stock and no due date. I then headed off to Currys, Comet and Toys R Us. Exactly the same story. This was becoming a joke. It would appear that Nintendo had not supplied nearly enough consoles for the demand. Read the rest of this entry »

The First Review

Welcome to Review Blog. here you will find many opinions and reviews. Most of these will come from myself and a few from friends and colleagues around the world. I thought the best thing to start this off would be to review myself!

Who am I? Well I am 26 years old and live in the sunny (ha ha) UK. I work full time in a job I do not like and for the last year, in my spare time, I run my own business on the web. This is yet to be successful but I have high hopes. I live on my own but about to move in with my pregnant girlfriend.

I have several hobbies. These include maintaining several websites I own, everything computer related and playing the Guitar. Read the rest of this entry »