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Sun Screens – Keep Your Home Cool

A relatively new home improvement concept is the External Sun Screen.

As the name suggests these Sun Screens are installed out the outside of the window. The principle reason for this is they stop the heat of the sun before it hits the glass. The special type of fabric reflects most of the sun’s power away keeping your home cool.

Sun Screens are extremely similar in style and operation to security shutters. They have a very small cassette Read the rest of this entry »

DIY Sparks Sex War


An online poll asking who is better at DIY – men or women – has erupted into a fierce battle between the sexes. The poll is featured on the home improvement and DIY website www.lets-do-diy.com. And the huge response it has generated seems to indicate that the most explosive area for gender conflict has shifted from the traditional battleground of driving ability to DIY.


The website’s editor, John Burry, says: “We thought asking if men or women were better at DIY would provide lets-do-diy.com with a little light relief, but both sexes appear to have very strong views on the subject.” Read the rest of this entry »