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DIY Verandas

The Veranda market is ever growing in the UK. There are now more and more Veranda types to choose from depending on your requirements and, of course, your budget.

Verandas have mainly been made from a metal (usually aluminium) frame and a glass roof though polycarbonate is becoming more popular thanks to the ease it can be transported and the various options that are available.

Polycarbonate sheeting is far lighter in weight than glass though it is not completely transparent due to the channels than run between the layers.

The benefits of choosing polycarbonate is that the light weight allows for much larger Verandas to be erected using the same frame or a much smaller and neater frame being used in the first place. Verandas can generally use either clear, tinted or opal polycarbonate.  Clear will allow the most light through, tinted gives you some degree of shade and opal is the equivalent of using frosted or obscure glass – great for privacy.

Being that polycarbonate verandas are simpler to transport and erect, it is possible to even buy  DIY Verandas for you to install yourself. If you have flat wall Read the rest of this entry »