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Zip Screens

Zip Screens are one of the newest innovative home improvement products to hit the UK market. They are already proving to be extremely popular across the rest of Europe and this popularity looks set to keep on rising.

So what are Zip Screens? Well they are a type of exterior roller blind that consists of a special type of fabric that is specifically designed to reflect the heat from the sun before it even hits your window or door. As well as this the screens cut glare and prevent UV damage to furnishings within your property. All of this is achieved whist not blocking the light. Indeed, with many of the fabrics you can still see the outside world clearly through the material.

External sun blinds like this have Read the rest of this entry »

External Window Blinds – Sun Screens

Generally we all look forward to the summer hoping that we are due hot weather with consistent sunshine.  We do tend to forget how uncomfortable the hot weather can make our homes.

Exterior Sun Blinds can offer your home protection from the sun without blocking out the light or even the view from the outside world. There are several choices when it comes to external sun blinds, whether it is window sun blinds, patio blinds or conservatory blinds.

Sun Screens

Sun Screens are an exterior sun blind that when retracted lives in a small cassette of about 3 inches fitted externally, above your window. When the sun gets too bright or the heat too intense then you simply press a button and the exterior sun screen lowers itself outside of your win Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Screens – Keep Your Home Cool

A relatively new home improvement concept is the External Sun Screen.

As the name suggests these Sun Screens are installed out the outside of the window. The principle reason for this is they stop the heat of the sun before it hits the glass. The special type of fabric reflects most of the sun’s power away keeping your home cool.

Sun Screens are extremely similar in style and operation to security shutters. They have a very small cassette Read the rest of this entry »