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Why Choose A Glass Veranda?

A Glass Veranda can be the perfect extension to your home. But why is this?

Many people like to extend their homes with the addition of a Conservatory. In theory this is a great idea, you can enjoy your garden under shelter and have a new usable room to your property.

Unfortunately, in reality most conservatories are not used as they are extremely cold in the winter months and on the hot summer days they are as hot as an oven.

A Glass Veranda offers a unique kind of extension to your home Read the rest of this entry »

Patio Sun Awnings – Sun Protection

Most people ejoy getting outdoors, especially in the summer on a nice sunny day. The problem with this is that the Sun’s rays are so damaging to the skin and with the mid day sun, damage can occur much quicker that you would expect.

With skin cancer on the rise it is now more important that ever to ensure that you are protected from the UV rays of the Sun.

A Patio Sun Awning allows you to sit u Read the rest of this entry »