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Conservatory Roof Blinds

A Conservatory Roof Blind is a type of product that has been in existence in one shape or form for many years. The primary objective of the Conservatory Roof Blind is to reduce the heat that causes most conservatories to become unusable during the summer months. Thanks to the growing popularity of these Conservatory Blinds, the technology is being constantly improved and modernized to reduce heat and glare more effectively as well as being easy to use and maintain. Remote control technology allows easy temperature control of your conservatory Read the rest of this entry »

Patio Awnings

Here in the UK over the last few days we have been blessed with some lovely sun shine. In fact, it is quite amusing how many people  I have heard complaining about the heat! Especially after we have had so many poor summers over the last few years!

It is uncommon to have such heat so early in the year but hopefully this is a sign that a good summer is at last on its way to us!

Sitting in the sun makes you realise its immense power and how important it should be to keep yourself and your children out of the sun for any length period of time. With the sun so high in the sky at this time of year it is often the case that dun damage can be caused right up to 8 in the evening! Something that doesn’t really happen towards the end of July to August when we usually see the hottest weather.

As you know, I am a strong believer in the use of Patio Awnings. Read the rest of this entry »

Web On High Review

If you are looking to get your website to appear more prominently in the search engines then often people will turn to a search engine optimisation company to get help.  There are some good companies out there. There are also a lot of very poor companies.

My experience with Web on High was very poor indeed. To their advantage their customer service team is  friendly and eager to please. However if you are looking for results then my advice would be to stay well clear of Web on High.

The site that Web On High worked on was in a competitive marketplace. It was agreed that we would pay a substantial monthly charge for their services. I was happy to do so as I was confident in the promises that Web On high had made to me. The site required strong backlinks to be obtained to maintain the prominence in the search engine. Web On High initially tweaked the design of the site over the first month of using them.  They did a good job of this however from this moment on Web On High began to fail. Read the rest of this entry »