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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters have been around in the UK marketplace for many years. Thanks to an increase in colours and styles as well as newer tubular motor technology Roller Shutters have become even more appealing.

The primary reason that people would require Roller Shutters for their homes is for Security. Security Shutters are found in many places including over closed shops and other commercial premise. You will also find Roller Shutters over bars and restaurants that have closed.

If you are keen to protect your home using something similar these industrial Security Shutters may not provide the best solution.  They are big, bulky and extremely heavy. Their concern is not with the design and hope well it blends but just security.

Residential Roller Shutters are different in the fact that the design is such that they are extremely practical, offer security and also style. These Roller Shutters are designed to fit over windows or doors of varying sizes so the Roller Shutter Boxes vary in size also keeping the size of the box to a minimum for aestheti Read the rest of this entry »