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Vertico Garage Doors

There are very few people who would not enjoy the convenience of an automatic garage door. The primary benefit is clear – the automation! No longer would you have to get out of your car and lift up a door manually!

There are other significant advantages to owning an automatic garage doors such as increased security both for you home and on a personal level. You will not longer have to leave you car on those dark nights and generally, after you press your remote control to open your garage door, courtesy lights will light up to allow you to see exactly what you are doing. Read the rest of this entry »

Electric Garage Door Safety Precautions

A garage door is the largest moving object in a home. Garage doors are heavy and can exert deadly force when the door closes. This could lead to serious injury or death for someone hit by a closing garage door or trapped under the door. Following garage door safety precautions will protect you and your family from harm and injury. Read the rest of this entry »

Roller Garage Doors

Now that it gets dark so early many people think about buying an automatic garage door to give them the security and peace of mind of being able to drive into their garage without getting out of their vehicle.

Obviously as well as security there is the convenience of not getting wet or cold. Simply press the remote control and you Roller Garage Door will be open for you by the time you get down your driveway.

With the current economic climate people are spending their money on improving their homes and as such, the entire Garage Door market is booming. however people are very price conscious and this had led to a new range of cheap Garage Doors that allow people on a budget to purchase.

If you are looking for a quality Roller Garage Door that is going to provide maximum security, last a long time, running smoothly and looking good then you really  need to avoid the cheaper markets all together. It the age old saying of “you get what you pay for” costs have to be cut from somewhere to offer these cheaper prices.

With many of the quality Roller Garage Doors offering promotions such as the Winter Sale now really is a good time to look at buying a garage door. With this increase in competition, the bigger players are now offering deals that provide discounts never seen before.

Security Shutters, Blinds & Garage Doors

I have previously talked about Roller Garage Doors and what a convenience they can bring to your life. In addition to the convenience, a Roller Garage Door can provide some of the highest security for your garage – creating an almost impenetrable barrier when closed.

Employing almost identical techniques this same level of security can now be added to windows and doors in you home offering you personal security when you are at home and peace of mind when you are out.

Security Shutters are roller blinds that roll up in the same way as Read the rest of this entry »

Electric Garage Doors

At this time of year, with the cold dark days,  one of the nicer home improvement products to consider is the Electric Garage Door.

We all know that, in an ideal world, we would want to park our cars in a garage. This is not only for security but to protect our cars from the harsher weather conditions – not to mention the fact you will not have to scrape the ice off in the mornings!

In reality, most people who have a garage do not use it for putting their car in, instead they use it to store things they rarely use and this quickly becomes an unusable junk room that is rarely entered.

What is the reason for this? Well there are several but to name a few: Read the rest of this entry »

Common Garage Door Problems

Owning an automatic roller garage door is great – that is until they go wrong. It is at these times you wish that you went for a standard manual up and over garage door.

When you are in trouble with your garage door, perhaps it is stuck open, stuck closed or kind of collapsed, it is always in an evening or weekend when there is no one on the end of a phone to help you out. This can mean your car is stuck in the garage or your whole property is left unsecured which can be a huge issue.

Some roller garage doors will be fitted with a manual override Read the rest of this entry »

Garage Door Options & Requirements

If you are thinking of buying a garage door then there are a few things you need to take into account before committing to buy.  The main issue is the room needed to install.

Different styles of garage doors have their advantages  and disadvantages. Without making the correct choice from the outset you may find that you do not have the space within your garage that you previously expected.

If you are looking for a slatted garage door then one of the three options I have listed below will suit your garage door needs.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Door Here is your typical roller garage door and by far the most popular choice – why? Well this door is a standard.  Hundreds are manufactured and sold every day by a whole number of different companies. When there is a lot of demand for garage doors the price goes down. This mea Read the rest of this entry »

Garage Doors

There are a whole variety of garage doors to choose from on the market today. And the good news is, certainly for the roller garage door market, garage door prices are falling.Garage Doors

Knowing what to look for in buying a garage door can be hard to work out. Prices can be for a could of hundred ££ or thousands of ££ for a similar end result – a garage door that opens and closes. Read the rest of this entry »

Roller Garage Door – Safety

Previously I have talked about the different types of garage doors and their mechanics. Today I am going to talk about the control systems that are the brain boxes for these systems.

Up until a couple of years ago the garage door market had several different key companies supplying and installing garage doors. Control boxes were often unique to the individual companies. Some included battery backups and alarm systems as well as the standard remote controls. Read the rest of this entry »

Automatic Electric Garage Doors

Another home improvement product that is particularly desirable is the Automated Garage Doors. A lot of the home improvement companies around at the moment install these garage doors all the time. The great thing is that technology is improving and the price is falling.

Basically an automated or automatic electric garage door allows you to open and close the garage door without putting in any effort. More often than not the garage door is operated via a remote control. This has many advantages. If it happens to be raining Read the rest of this entry »