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Why Choose A Glass Veranda?

A Glass Veranda can be the perfect extension to your home. But why is this?

Many people like to extend their homes with the addition of a Conservatory. In theory this is a great idea, you can enjoy your garden under shelter and have a new usable room to your property.

Unfortunately, in reality most conservatories are not used as they are extremely cold in the winter months and on the hot summer days they are as hot as an oven.

A Glass Veranda offers a unique kind of extension to your home Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of a Glass Veranda

Glass Verandas have been around for several years though it is only now, with fresh designs that they are being utlised as a home improvement product.

Certainly here in the UK a Glass Veranda is an excellent product for those who love to enjoy their garden, even in the inconsistent British weather.

As with anything, as technology improves, more can be achieved with products and this is certainly true of the Glass Veranda – rather than considering the glass veranda to be just a glass shelter above you, it can now be considered more like an additional room in your home. This is thanks to the use of halogen heater lamps that keep you warm outside even when the weather lets us down.

In addition to the halogen heaters a Sun Awning can be installed over the roof of the Glass Veranda to provide shade in the summer months – (assuming of course we have a summer here in the UK again!) . The glass veranda then achieves something no other product can achieve Read the rest of this entry »

Glass Verandas

A new home improvement product that is showing itself on today’s market is the Glass Veranda. Glass verandas (and also can be spelled¬† glass verandahs) provide an attractive and practical addition to your home.

Glass verandas, sometimes known as glass atriums are a great way of enjoying being outside whist having protection from the great British weather. Not only can your glass veranda provide you with shelter from the rain but you can also install awnings or exterior conservatory blinds on top to give you protection from both the sun and the rain.

As talked about in previous posts here, many people buy sun awnings for rain protection. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer? What is that?

Previously I have been talking about sun awnings and their applications in the home and business.

Usually the summer time is the time everyone buys their sun awning as they get annoyed with the constant glare of the sun or want to enjoy the outside world without the sun beating on them, well not this year it would appear – certainly not for us in the UK anyhow!

Summer doesn’t seem to happen for us any more. I look out the window and the weather is miserable. not only is it raining and cloudy it seems windy as well which isn’t ideal for a sun awning. I cannot think of a reason why anyone would want to be outside in this weather even under the shelter of a sun awning.

I would imagine this has had an impact of the companies who sell these products this year. After all no one is likely to think “look at that miserable weather, I must get a sun awning *in case* it’s sunny again” – I feel sorry for these guys selling and manufacturing sun awnings as sales must be down a lot especially with the media hyped “credit crunch” going on.

So my advice now, if you were hoping to get a sun awning at some point, no or in the future –¬† now actaully might be the best time. Companies really need the business and therefore prices are incredibly competitive compared to last year and even more so than the year before. Think ahead – next year we may have more than one week of sun ! I hope!