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Commercial Awnings

I have talked about how retractable sun awnings can improve your home but there is now quite a market for commercial awnings. At first you may think why any company would need a sun awning but looking closer the benefits of a sun awning at commercial premises is obvious.

Commercial AwningsThis primary reason why people want a sun awning for their commercial premises is due to the smoking ban. The smoking ban in the UK has caused an issue for many businesses. Mainly businesses that rely on the general public spending their money within a building. This applies to bingo halls, nightclubs and the number one reason for a commercial awning – the good old pub. Read the rest of this entry »

Keywordluv & Commentluv are now activated

Soemthing I have been seeing a lot of recently is a couple of plugins that reward comments.

Commentluv & Keywordluv 

This allows you to comment  on any of the posts and get a link yto your recent blog post. Also – you will we able to add your keyword as the link by using your “name @ keyword” without the spaces – the keyword then becaomes a link to your site.

This encourages and rewards people who take the time to comment.