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Conservatory Roof Blinds

A Conservatory Roof Blind is a type of product that has been in existence in one shape or form for many years. The primary objective of the Conservatory Roof Blind is to reduce the heat that causes most conservatories to become unusable during the summer months. Thanks to the growing popularity of these Conservatory Blinds, the technology is being constantly improved and modernized to reduce heat and glare more effectively as well as being easy to use and maintain. Remote control technology allows easy temperature control of your conservatory Read the rest of this entry »

Conservatory Roof Blinds

So far in the UK we have had a few nice days of sun where finally it is warm enough to sit outdoors without wrapping up in a coat or jumper. This gives good signs that we will get the summer that we so deserve!

Anyone who owns a conservatory will have got their first tater of how ridiculously hot their conservatory gets as soon as the sun starts shining. This is the problem with a conservatory – the temperature goes from one extreme to the other. One moment it is freezing cold, the next, stuffy a stiflingly hot.

Conservatory blinds are available to help shade the conservatory Read the rest of this entry »

Exterior Conservatory Blinds – The 8000

I have talked before about the benefits of conservatory blinds – specifically the exterior conservatory blinds, designed to keep the heat from entering your conservatory but still allow light into the room.

These work so well that most companies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as what previously was an unusable hot conservatory was now a fully usable room in the house.

The technology behind the conservatory blind’s  heat reduction technology  lies purely in the type of fabric used – this reflects most of the sun’s heat before it even  gets to your roof often reducing temperatures by huge amounts. Read the rest of this entry »